Occupations 17 Nov 2020

The topic was occupations for week 7 on the 17 November 2020. Host and team members were Fran @travelgenee, Seonaid @genebrarian and Pauleen @cassmob.

The extensive summary of the chat was written by Sue is titled, What do you do to earn a quid?

1. Share the resources and repositories that helped you discover ancestors’ occupations and put their work & life in context?

2. Tell us about an ancestor with an unusual or dangerous occupation, child labour or a now-uncommon job?

3. Are there occupations in your family that have passed down to the next generations?

4. What resources do you review to find out more on businesses & business owners, self-employed or financially independent ancestors?

And for historic reference, the question images:

Q1 Occupations 17 Nov 2020

Q2 Occupations 17 Nov 2020

Q3 Occupations 17 Nov 2020

Q4 Occupations 17 Nov 2020

Thanks - Occupations 17 Nov 2020

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