Celebrate the ANZAncestryTime 1st Birthday

The beginnings…a year later

Back on 6 October 2020 Sharn, Pauleen and I with our support team started ANZAncestryTime as a place for us “down under” in Australia and New Zealand to have a genealogy themed TwitterChat. Our initial focus was family historians with an interest in Australian and New Zealand family history however, from the start, genealogists all around the world enthusiastically attended. Many of the original attendees have become regular weekly participants.

Since starting we have covered over 52 topics including, Using the Census, Germany, FANs, Citing your Sources, BDM, Wills and Probates, Griffith Valuations, Military, blogging and just about any other topic you can think of related to family history. Initially, I did some posts on the questions so that we archived the questions and imaginative images used for each week’s topic however work became rather busy and I stopped doing this. Fortunately for us, Sue Wyatt writes summaries for most chats. This is most useful when wanting to refer back to suggested ideas, website links and more. Here is a link to posts for the ANZAncestryTime  TweetChats on Sue’s Blog. Plus a huge thank you goes out to Sue.

There have been a few changes in the support team due to peoples workloads and family commitments. Jill Ball and Shauna Hicks were there at the start helping lead some popular topics. The current team of Jennifer Jones, Alex Daw, Maggie Gaffney and, when not busy running conferences or library business, Seonaid Harvey.

There was a period when daylight saving time changes meant NewZealanders were joining at 10 pm. So recently we moved the starting time so our Kiwi participants currently start at 9 pm in NZ. We do appreciate their support last summer still joining when the time was 10 pm and are glad they like the return to the 9 pm start time.

ANZAncestryTime 1st Birthday Competition

Join us next Tuesday, 26 October 2021, for the ANZAncestryTime 1st Birthday Competition. By attending and entering the contest you will have the chance to win some great genealogy prizes from Gould Genealogy and the ANZAncestryTime hosts. How to win details on the 1st Birthday Competition page. Tweet and you might win.

Gould Genealogy

Let’s Celebrate – Don’t miss the party!

Come celebrate the ANZAncestryTime 1st Birthday with us. Bring your own drink and cake or healthy alternatives. Don’t miss the party!

ANZAncestryTime 1st Birthday Competition

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