1 Day to go for #ANZAncestryTime starts on Twitter

ANZAncestryTime Count Down Blog PostYes, we are counting down to the first #ANZAncestryTime on Twitter.

#ANZAncestryTime is a Twitter Platform for anyone with an interest in Family History and Genealogy. Whether just starting out or an experienced researcher, #ANZAncestryTime  is a place and time where like-minded people in the genealogy community can come together and connect in conversation. #AncestryTime has an initial focus on genealogists with an interest in Australian and New Zealand family history but we enthusiastically welcome the participation of genealogists all around the world.

Each week, a topic for discussion will be introduced. To participate, follow Australia & New Zealand Ancestry Time on Twitter, use the #ANZAncestryTime hashtag to tweet and retweet participate. You can share your experiences, services, ask questions and offer help. Need more help on how to participate? Then check out How to join in now.

#ANZAncestryTime will be hosted at 7 PM AEST every Tuesday. You will find out your local time on the Time Zones page.

Use the hashtag #AncestryTime and follow or join in our lively thread of genealogy conversation. If you can’t join us on Tuesday, you can still use the hashtag #ANZAncestryTime to participate at any time throughout the week.

Who started ANZAncestryTime? If you would like to meet our team of hosts and moderators pop over to The Team page.