How to join in

I have written the following notes if you need help joining in the Ancestry Time chat on Twitter. It is a mixture of links to Twitter help plus some additional comments from me to help further.
Cheers Fran

Join up with Twitter if you have not already

To join in with the #ANZAncestryTime chat on Twitter you will need a Twitter account.

Instructions on how to sign up are found at Twitter help: Signing up with Twitter.

(Link opens in a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings.)


Twitter profile example - FranSelect a user name, also known as a handle, that helps people identify you. For example, mine is @travelgenee. As your name can differ from your handle, in my case I use “fran kitto” for my name, there is an opportunity to add to your identify.

Adding an image and short bio also helps others when deciding if they wish to follow you. The first thing I look for is if they are interested in family history. You can change these or add these at the profile link on the left and then locate the edit profile button.

There is also new user frequently asked questions available at Twitter that can help newbies.

Participating on a Twitter Chat

A simple way to participate in a twitter chat is on a desktop computer as the screen is larger. Open up Twitter and sign in if you are not already signed in.

Locate the search area and search for #ANZAncestryTime. Then your range of options is shown such as the “Top” Tweet, the “Latest” Tweet, etc. Select the “Latest” option. You will need to refresh your browser to see new tweets.  As with most free services promoted material not related to the chat will appear n the stream also.

Simple Twitter Chat

Now that you can see tweets with #ANZAncestryTime you can comment on a tweet already published by clicking the speech bubble on the left of the row of icons below the chat. To retweet us the icon with the arrows and to like, click the heart.

To write a new tweet click the large blue tweet button. Type your tweet. If you are replying to a question start with A1 or A2 etc, depending on the question you are answering.

Add the hashtag – #ANZAncestryTime so others can follow your tweet.


As an alternative, you can follow the chat using TweetDeck.

TweetDeck has the added advantage that you can follow various streams at one time, tweet, like, comment and more as it refreshes automatically.

Twitter instructions on how to use TweetDeck are available in the Twitter help area.

To help, this is what some of my columns look like today. I can view multiple timelines in one easy interface for my own @travelgenee account and for @AnzAncestryTime where I am a user. There are many columns available and you add these from the + Add Column Button. 

Fran's TweetDeck example

#ANZAncestryTime Twitter List

Finally, not sure who to follow? Then here is a list of #ANZAcestryTime hosts, moderators & friends on Twitter. This link will give you the feed of tweeters on the list and you can follow any of them by clicking the members button.

I hope this helps. Fran